Friday, March 4, 2011

Surprise Package

I had a special delivery from Canada today.

A Ravelry friend made me the cutest knitting needle jar cover EVER. I love it. I am in total awe of her crochet skills. Those stitches are amazingly perfect. Now I just need to clean out that jar a bit and let the spindles find a new home.


  1. How cute!!! And what a great idea too, who thinks these things up? That's my goal in life, to be able to make my crotchet projects look just like hers. I definitely need a lot more practice.

  2. Mon Dieu! Merci Sandy and miss Araignee...I really didn't think my crochet skills were all that impressive but I have to give full credit here to Tif at Dottie Angel for all the crochet inspriation which has made me a much better crochet-er. She is the one who inspired these jar covers too and she sells hers, at times, in her little shop on
    I am all happy inside that you are so happy ma petite amie :-)