Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Knit Night Birthday

We celebrated a birthday tonight with a candle stuck in a passion fruit mousse.

There were also eggs dyed red to symbolize something that I have already forgot.

There were presents.

There was lots of oohing and aahing over the gifts. I wish I had room here to show them all. It's too bad my birthday is in December. Knitters give good gifts.

The birthday girl found time to start an amazing drop stitch scarf with ribbons and giant needles.

The psychedelic socks almost have a mate. The big question is whether you can squeeze two socks out of one 100 gram ball of Mosaic. It's going to be close.

The two at a time socks have grown rather loooooooooong. Funny story: Her boss caught her knitting away on them this morning when she was supposed to be in a meeting. I know her boss and it really isn't funny.

I convinced her to try the long things on since I was worried about the lack of increases for the leg. The verdict was that the foot was too big and the leg too small. No matter. This is Miss Prodigy and she will have it all figured out by the next time I see her.

The owner of this revved up Calorimetry was busy making another as a gift for the birthday girl.

Too bad because she is not only the creator of the lobster that I can't wait to see finished but also of the pants that I have been obsessing about. I can understand being sidetracked though. I get sidetracked all the time.

Exhibit A: Instead of working on the sweater I have faithfully brought each week, tonight I brought some lace I started this afternoon. It just wouldn't let me leave home without it.

Reluctantly, I did put a few rows on the Modern Lodge Pullover, but it was the lace and only the lace that was calling my name tonight.

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