Friday, January 3, 2014

The Doo Dads are Here (With a Puppy Pix!)

I know you could care less about stuff like this right now. I read the comments. All you want are puppy updates and I promise they are coming but I also have some (very little) other stuff going on around here that I need to document for myself.  My new machine quilting toys are finally here. They come highly recommended by folks on Craftsy and Amazon.

 First I needed a Supreme Slider which is just a piece of slippery stuff that you put on your machine bed to make the heavy quilt sandwich slide on through with little effort. We shall see.

Next is the Little Magic Bobbin Genies which promise to help me tame those wild and crazy stitches that pop up on the back side when the bobbin is not keeping up with the needle or something to that effect.
I have yet had the time to sit down and give these a test drive due to a yippy yappy little pup with a tum tum ache because well...pups come with a tummy full of icky things that need to be gotten rid of and it ain't pretty.

She's also still got some icky stuff growing in her itty bitty ears. Here is my attempt at taping them up so the medicine can get to work and dry them out. She was NOT happy with this arrangement so I am back to massaging them every chance I get in order to get some fresh, dry air under those floppy little things. It's been quite a week around here with our new little roommate. Don't even ask me about how much sleep I've had.
Tomorrow I'll have lots more pix, I promise.


  1. Hi, just getting caught up. I see you have hardwood floors, how did you keep from scratching them? The mister here would have a fit!

    1. Our hardwood floors are a mess. We put them in ourselves about 25 years ago and have never refinished them once since. After four kids, two big dogs, two and a half little dogs and more cats than you can count and-oh yeah, the big parrot and it's cage, there is not much left to be careful with. The Mister did the worst damage when he over-watered my plants while I was away for a week. You should see how bad that is right in the middle of the living room.

    2. Oh yeah....and those floors under the puppy-they are Ikea fake wood floors which I love. We have them in the kids bedrooms which are now the sewing rooms.

  2. Keep reminding how tough puppies are…but they are adorable…and yours is soooooo cute. YOu can nap when he naps

  3. Okay Mama you need to knit that little one something cute!