Saturday, January 4, 2014

Puppy Love Part One

For all of you who are wondering why I am not posting lots of adorable puppy pictures, this is why. She never sits still. Yarn is so much easier to photograph.

The only time she is not in motion, she is asleep. This was the first day I managed to keep a sweater on her. I bought this at Walmart for $3. I won't knit for her until she is grown. It's the same with all babies. They grow out of things before I can finish them so I'll wait until the big growth spurts are over.

Here she is just waking up. I get a few seconds before she has to pee and then rip into these toys. Her ears are taped again. I learned a better way to do it with some very lighter, ouch-free tape. Instead of an ear support, all you do is tape them like a taco at the very tips. She is dealing with it very well and it is helping dry her icky ears up. She hates the medicine so I am hoping this will do the trick.

Right now I am spending most of my day doing this.

We have her in a new pen to keep her safe from all the stairs and she hates it unless I am in there with her so that's where I've been spending all my time. I am sorry that I didn't know about these contraptions when Dear Old Doggie went blind. It certainly would have made our lives much easier if I had.

 We had an emergency return trip to the vets late last night due to her increasingly bad tum tum issues. Puppy bugs are no joke and right now she is feeling pretty miserable. She isn't dehydrated and her blood sugar was still good so for now I'm just worrying and keeping her as comfortable as possible until all this passes.


  1. That is one cute puppy you have there!!! I just love her coloring! She's quite the little fancy pants. :-) Tummy issues can be so scary with the little ones....I hope she gets better soon. Our little Louie doesn't like his safe pen either. He throws a regular fit when we put him in it so we can do barn chores. He's just to little to take to the barn and to little to be left out in the house so we use a pen just like you have there. He throws a regular puppy tantrum in it but it keeps him safe. Love the little pink sweater on her too. I can never find any small enough for Louie in the stores. Have to make them all for him.

  2. Poor pup - I hope her tummy feels better soon.

  3. oh boy..I feel like I should make a meatloaf and send it over. Full time mommy hood with puppy is exhausting..thank God they are adorable.

  4. Such a cutie, especially in her pink sweater. I hope she's able to shake off the tummy bug soon.

  5. oh she is tiny. now I can see what a true little tiny baby she is. so darling.
    praying her little teensy weensy tummy is all better soon and her precious ears too.
    good job mommy