Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Last Christmas The Mister bought me this Yankee Candle in the Warm Woolen Mittens scent. I don't know what I was expecting (mothballs, maybe?) but it doesn't smell anything like wool, warm or not. I've had many pots of wool simmering on the stove and I can tell you that this flowery smell is not even close. They should have called it Mittens That Have Been Soaking in Fabric Softener. The next time they want to use wool for a base scent, they need to send someone out to a barn in August. That'll do it.


  1. You are so funny You made me laugh!!!!

  2. You made me laugh. I'm glad the candle has a pleasant smell. Warm wool didn't sound very appealing to me. :-)

  3. If they think wool smells like flowers,they've obviously never gotten up close and personal with a sheep