Monday, January 6, 2014

Old News

 We got our first "park at the top of the driveway" snowfall Thursday night.

The only problem was it was just supposed to be rain so we ended up stuck at the bottom of the driveway until The Mister could shovel us out. That was the day Maggie was not feeling well and we needed to get her back to the vet for a re-check.

Little Miss Maggie Moo got her first taste of snow on Saturday and she thought it was quite yummy.

This is the best selfie of her in the winter wonderland I could come up with. She is so wiggly. Look at her ears. They are standing up on their own now. No more icky tape-at least until they start to droop again. We still have a week to go on the nasty drops.

After her snow adventure, she was back inside in a flash to warm up. It's been stupid cold here. She is still fighting that nasty parasite but doing much better. Pureed pumpkin mixed with pro-biotics, Karo syrup to keep her blood sugar level, Pedialyte to keep her hydrated and lots of small meals of boiled chicken, hamburger and rice have her feeling much better and tolerating the icky medicine with much less tummy upset. A stiff gin and tonic every few hours is helping me.


  1. cute! I usually just shave the hair off the tip of Louie's ears. I find that getting the weight of all that hair off about a 1/4 of the way up to the tip helps the ears stand up nicely. Of course if she's a wiggler that might be challenging. You finally got some snow too. We've been having house cracking cold here with wind chills of 55 below zero. We're talking dangerous cold. Will be glad when it finally warms up a bit.

    1. I did trim the hair off the ears also-when she was asleep! You should have heard her screaming when the vet trimmed her nails.
      As for your cold...brrrrrr. That's insane.

  2. Love the Gin and Tonic remedy. whatever it takes. Sick puppies are a ton of work. She'll heal quickly with your love and attention. Freezing here in Chicago NOT GOING OUT

  3. Glad she's starting to do better. Tux was sitting up in a full sit position today - and the vet was very pleased with his progress.