Friday, January 10, 2014

Postponed on Account of Pup

The loom is empty. I hate when that happens.

Before the arrival of the new puppy, I was winding a warp in order to make more towels when I came close to running out of yarn before I was even halfway through the number of ends I needed.

 I was being very careful this time not to over wind so I could avoid that mess at the back that I made last time around.

My new warp thread is already here along with the candy that Cotton Clouds always sends along. Now I just need a good hour or so away from a rambunctious pup to get it done.

The towel I made from the last draft has taken quite a beating lately and is holding up well.

 I am anxious to start more with the rest of the colored cotton but wisdom tells me that new pup + loom = a nightmare. I guess I'll just have to put this project on hold for a while.


  1. Puppies do tend to get in the way of fiber fun but then they provide a whole other level of fun so it's all worth it in the end. :-) And she's soooooo cute!

  2. Good to see your towels are holding up and doing the job. Setting up the loom does take a good few hours of concentration doesn't it? I'm sure you'll find the time once pup is a little bit more grown up!

  3. Towels. Lovely! Puppies very all encompassing. Hang on!