Thursday, January 30, 2014

Almost a Quilt

 Since Christmas, Son's quilt has taken up residence on the dining room table.

 Every day I try to spend at least a few minutes stitching in as many of those ditches as I can.

At first it seemed like I was getting nowhere but lately I can see the whole thing starting to come together.

 I've even had to put pins in the ditches I've missed because there aren't too many I haven't already stitched.

Thank goodness Son lives in a upstairs apartment that gets more than enough heat even on the coldest of days or I might feel rushed to get this done before winter was over and you just can't rush machine quilting. Notice the little furry behind under the table. That's another reason things aren't moving as fast as I'd like. She's not much of a help. Especially when she is trying to eat the project.


  1. Wow! That's really coming along nicely in-spite of that cute little furry behind under that table. ;-) Nothing like a little stitching in the ditch to pass time, eh?!

  2. Looking good, and sounds like you're so close to being done if you're having to spot the gaps! Good luck for the final push.

  3. That is an absolutely gorgeous quilt.

  4. I love all the colors in that quilt. Hi PUPPY!! sort of a photo bomb on her part

  5. What a beautiful quilt! I love the border material.