Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mama's Got a New Bag

My little crafting room is a mess. I just pitched everything in there at Christmas and it's all still in there in a heap. This used to be my place of tranquility where I became one with an audio book but now it's a source of anxiety. I am just keeping the door closed and pretending that it's not there.

 In this mess is a gift I received for my birthday from Middle Sister.

I've gotten her hooked on knitting lately and she thanked me with a new project bag. It's big and roomy-perfect for a sweater. The best part is that it has a clear top that lets you see what's inside. I always have so many projects going on at one time that I never can remember what I have in what bag. I hate when I pick up the wrong bag and don't realize it until I am miles away. Problem solved.


  1. I'll share a picture of my studio and you won't feel so bad about yours!
    Lovely bag.

  2. Your studio of momentary disarray is nothing compared to my everyday life. But I understand, it's hard to focus on what you want if there is something in the back of your mind you want "fixed". But seriously, you have a new puppy and you're knitting (which in itself is pretty amazing) you're a busy lady!