Friday, January 17, 2014

Mark Your Calendar

Dear Sisters,
Sunday. May 4th is the day we are all going to this year's MDSW. No excuses. Only a death certificate will be accepted if you are not able to attend this year. Please do not schedule any surgery (yes, Middle Sister, I am talking to you). Do not volunteer to babysit unless you are prepared to drag the wee one around with  you all day. NO Daddio is not coming. Don't even ask.
As of today you have three months, two weeks and two days to knit or crochet yourself something to parade around in. Go to Ravelry. Get a pattern and get working on it. Now. Seriously. Now.


  1. Well now that is the sweetest announcement I've seen!

  2. I wish Maryland was closer... but one day... one day Mom and I will make it there!

  3. As a sister myself, I love this post. I know you'll all have a great time!