Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January Daddio Update

 Daddio's back in business.

  After wearing himself out in a Christmas frenzy, he has picked up the needle and thread once again.

 His tumbler quilt is starting to go together.

 Speaking of Christmas, his Christmas rag rug came out great.

 Gluing the strips together was a brilliant idea. Now I'm putting him to work on some non-Christmas fabric strips. That should keep him busy for a while.

 We recently spent an afternoon making a quilt sandwich.

His flannel disappearing nine patch is going to finally be a quilt and it's going to be mighty cozy.

 We've also had a little more of this going on. We spent another long night in the ER. This time I had Middle Sister for company so it was like a weird pajama party. Daddio's fine. He had a headache and some dizziness that would have probably been minor if he would just eat something once in a while. It doesn't matter how much we put in front of him, we just can't get him to eat anymore. I know what the vet said about Dear Old Doggie when she stopped eating. I guess it works the same for humans.


  1. I love his flannel quilt - it's going to be so cozy!
    I hope Daddio is feeling better.

  2. awww. Prayers for your pop. Maybe the appetite thing will come and go. Maybe if he just drinks thats good enough. When I couldn't eat and had no appetite the doc told me not to pressure myself…just drink. Will he drink a milkshake?

  3. I like these projects that you seem to be doing together. I'm glad he's feeling better. My father and I just had a conversation about dehydration and headaches this weekend. My best to you all.

  4. Love all those colorful quilts and I sure hope the appetite comes back. My parents get a thing called Meals on Wheels for the elderly. They bring the most delicious meals right to their home. Maybe he would like something like that. My Dad loves it.

  5. Dear Daddio.
    milk shakes, soup, crackers, nibbles...
    he is the sweetest quilter.