Sunday, January 5, 2014

Puppy Love Part Two

I'm not the only one around here smitten with little Maggie Moo.

The Mister's Dear Old Maltese has taken a fancy to her as well. She is usually not very interested in other dogs but she tolerates the antics of the funny pup surprisingly quite well. She had been in a funk since the departure of her fur sibling so we are happy to see her perked back up.

Miss Gracie really loves her.

She keeps a close watch on her from outside the pen. This is just crazy. Gracie is a feral cat that was born in the woods. She knows nothing of puppies and is afraid of everything. She should be running for her life-not standing guard.

I credit Miss Gracie for teaching Maggie how to enjoy kibble. As much as I tried she would have no part of it until....

...I noticed it was disappearing from the bowl faster than the pup should be able to eat it. Then I discovered why. Now Maggie loves to pick up and eat the leftovers that Gracie can't pull through the bars. It's quite a little game they play. Cats...they're just the craziest animals.


  1. Animals are so darn entertaining. That's hysterical what Miss Gracie's doing do get Maggie's food and what a cutie patutie the Mister has too! Your house is every bit as crazy as mine is! It's crazy in the best possible way though.:-)

  2. Well of course Gracie is helping herself to the kibble it is in her cat dish mit the fish on it!

  3. The Gracie/Puppy antics are sweet! Certainly makes bringing a newbie home a lot easier when the others adapt so well.

    Peno is still freaked out by the "new" Tux. She won't go near him. Rocky is mostly ignoring him unless he's getting treats -my other cats are jerks!

  4. Go figure!!! Scared Of everything Mr. Tank took little blind Pie under his paw immediately. Surprised the heck out of us! Glad she's a welcome addition

  5. I love your household of animals. They are all so beautiful. I'm happy too, to see that everyone is getting along so well. Really cute post. :)