Monday, January 27, 2014

Somebody Stop Me

In case you haven't already seen them, here is Ralph Lauren's 2014 contribution to the USA Winter Olympic team heading to Sochi. The unveiling was met with some rather unkind comments, the kind usually reserved for ugly Christmas sweaters. Even I, the Queen of Bad Taste, have to admit that they are a bit overboard. Ahem.

The hat's not bad.

Neither are the mittens. I can see both of these being knocked off left and right.

 Dale of Norway who usually puts out the best Olympic sweaters came up with this for Sochi. Yawn. I am thinking this is some kind of political statement. They weren't even trying. Is this even a sweater? It looks like a fleece with knitted cuffs to me.

 It does work better for babies-kind of.

All this Olympic talk has me looking at all the other Dale of Norway Olympic sweaters and fighting the urge to cast on another four year challenge when I already have three other sweaters in various stages of being ignored. I think I like this one and I even went so far as to fill my cart with the yarn the other day but I don't really need it. Do I?


  1. I'm not fond of the new sweaters.... but if you really want a cool colourwork project... have you seen the Persian Blanket that's trending on Ravelry????

    1. Is it the Persian Dreams one? That one is incredible.

  2. WEll if there was no puppy involved I'd say go for the sweater. THat puppy is so darn cute. I say the Olympic sweaters are lovely. Im easy to please

  3. Super fun post. I have to admit though without any nasty comments, the Ralph Lauren sweater is just NOT doing it for me.

  4. I immediately thought of ugly Christmas sweater.