Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sew it Seams

I really should have packed this quilt top off and had it professionally quilted.

It's going to take me forever.

After lots of experimenting, I decided just to stitch it in the ditch with the walking foot. It's so big that it's like wrestling a bear at times.

It's not that I'm not having fun. It's just that there is an awful  lot of ditches to be stitched in this particular design and somebody is waiting for it.

 Of course then there is the matter of you-know-who. She has to stay in her pen while I am manning the machine or else she will get into too much mischief. Here she is giving me the sad face about not having a lap to sit in. Is she spoiled rotten yet? I think so.


  1. Oh boy....I'm very familiar with that look! When you're that cute, I'm pretty sure spoiling is not only expected but required! ;-)

  2. I cannot believe you are getting ANYTHING done with adorable puppy face around. I was befuddles for weeks after fostering my last dog..and he wasn't even a pup!!

  3. You quilt too? Dang, you're crafty it looks really good! I'd spoil that puppy too, she's soo cute.

  4. How could you not spoil that sweet little face? Love all the colors in your quilt.

  5. Oh - I think that's the hardest thing about quilting! it's just so bulky!