Monday, January 13, 2014


It didn't take long at all for the Olympic sh*t to hit the fan over on Ravelry once again.

It seems that the moderators for the 2014 Ravellenic group all quit in a huff when they started being trolled by those who were upset that they asked that political and religious chit chat be kept in a thread dedicated to the subject so people didn't have to wade through all the crap opinions to get to the knitting projects on a knitting site. Jeesh.
Casey did a lot of er, um....adjusting over the weekend but there is still an ugly international squabble fest going on at the moment. I don't know about you but new mods or not,  I'm steering clear of the whole mess. That ice isn't safe enough to skate on. What a shame.


  1. I'm disappointed too. I was looking forward to participating. Now, I'll enjoy whatever I'm knitting while I watch the games.

  2. That's lame AND disappointing. What a waste of good knitter energy. The debate was on today at work about the US Figure Team selection, ha!

  3. Agreed. That rav crowd can be a tough group to reckon with