Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I don't have to tell any of you how cold it is because it seems that we are all in this thing together. It's so cold the heat pump is working all the time which is making The Mister crazy. I can't even imagine what the electric bill will look like next month. It's going to be painful. New pup isn't minding the chill in her two layers and fleece blanket.

We've even been leaving the makeshift kitty door open all night and day to give the outdoor cats a place to warm up if the stupid things would only take advantage of the big warm room with the blazing wood stove. Instead they just make us worry.

The Mister did manage to get the mommy cat in last night but this is how she paid us back for our kindness. She not only screamed her head off, keeping us up all night but she went ahead and shredded the mat under the elliptical. Now she is sitting outside the door in the blistering cold glaring at us like we are criminals and refusing to come in and eat with her offspring. Cats.....grrrr.


  1. Maggie is adorable in that photo. I just want to pick her up and cuddle. :-) Stay warm!

  2. I love you for Trying!!!!!!! Cat's just can't come inside without it being stressful if they are not used to it. My friend Rita tried 2 weeks ago during a cold snap and the chase/ terror, damage that ensued with PUCK inside was not to be repeated. however,
    Maggie is toooo cute and tempting to me.

  3. Pup looks adorable!

    Have you thought about something like this for the outdoor kitties...

  4. my friend in Canada made her Porch Kitty a out door shelter. She fit one box inside another (big plastic bins)
    she put straw between the two boxes for insulation and a big wool blanket in the box for nesting. Porch kitty likes it. Hardest part was cutting the entrance hole into the plactic.