Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First FO of 2014!

They are done but not without some drama.

 When I had them both finished, I put them on and held them up side by side and low and behold one was longer than the other. The EXACT same thing happened with the first pair I made. Now that's just crazy.

 I had to rip the long one back and reknit the WHOLE darn thing from the ribbing. From now on, anything I need two of get knit at the same time. My old brain must be having some kind of issue with this row counting thing and I really don't want to keep going there. I also lost one of the double points I was using for them and had to switch to Magic Loop. Magic Loop is by far the way to go with these so that was a boo boo that was at least helpful for a change.

The final verdict is that the yarn is very splitty and difficult to work up in this particular pattern. The increases were murder.The colors were also on the ho hum side and it definitely feels like acrylic. I suppose you get what you pay for but if I make these again, I'm heading for some real wool or at least a wool blend.


  1. They turned out nice though. They look like they'll be nice and warm. I'm a big fan of the magic loop for anything two of kind. I just like getting pairs of socks and mittens done at the same time. I use it when ever I can.

  2. Despite the troubles... they look good!

  3. But they look so winter ready and warm. Congrats on a tough finish

  4. Pretty FO, sounds like you had to fight your way there. And thank you for the yarn review! I am always eyeing those lion brand yarns. I really love the colors they seem to come up with, but yes, acrylic of any kind can beat one up and send you screaming for natural fibers.