Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Back in Business

Now that the gifts have all been gifted, it's time to get back to making more stuff for me.  In the spare minutes I have when I am not covered in puppy, I've been able to get a bit of my Peppermint Stick Alley Cat socks knit in the Hermoine's Everyday pattern. I love how the simple texture works with the big stripes.They missed the Christmas deadline but they will be perfect for Valentine's Day.

I am also going to town on my Elizabeth cardigan.

It's an interestingly constructed sideways thing and I can't wait to see if it will actually fit.

I also have a box of cheap yarn that just arrived that is destined to become more Thermal Mitts. Someone saw the pair I gifted and wants a pair for themselves in browns.

I found some gradient type browns in a couple of places but the pretty Amazing is too thin to give me the fabric I want so Tweed Stripes wins out. I hope the new owner will like what I have picked out.
Yes, I know it is more gift knitting but it all can't be for me, now can it?

 Here's today's random puppy pix. Tiny puppies choke on everything so every morning the floor must be swept clean to make it safe for Little Miss Vacuum Cleaner. I should have called her Roomba.


  1. I love the texture in those socks! I'll be downloading that free pattern for my sock queue which has taken a back seat to some pretty serious blanket making here lately. I think your little Maggie( could she be any cuter?!) and my little Louie just may have been cut from the same fiber. LOL He can find a needle in a haystack and have it eaten in a blink of an eye. ;-)

  2. Oh I love everything going on in this post! I am a fan of the Lion's Brand, and I really love the ombre-ish thing going on with the Amazing yarn. It might be what I need to make a friend a shawl she showed me. (non knitter). I like the look of the Tweed Stripe, can't wait to see how that turns out and if it's soft enough to your liking. I think the socks are beautiful without a doubt and agree, perfect for Valentine's Day. I really, really want to learn to knit 2 socks at a time! Everything looks soo good, including your little puppy. I like how she seems to be looking up at you, as if to say, "what you're cleaning for me? aww shucks, thanks!" so tiny compared to your sweeper hehe.

  3. Hermoine, Elizabeth and Roomba are all beautiful. Roomba puppy….they do eat everything. My sis is a vet and they add up all the change they retrieve from puppy's stomachs during the year.