Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Pupdate

 I hope you are not growing weary of puppy pictures because that's pretty much all that's been going on around here. She's in the doggie version of the terrible two's. I can't take my eyes off her for a minute.

 This is why my knits are being packed away early this year. She loves them-to eat.

 Long haired dogs need a lot of grooming but she isn't helping matters. Nom, nom, nom. Everything tastes good to her.

In case you were wondering what her backside looks like, here it is. Note the lack of a tail. It was docked to almost nothing, poor little thing. She has to really waggle around in order to get a good wag on.

 I may look all cute and cuddly but it's really more like.....

...having this guy around the house. Puppies are cute but dogs are so much better.


  1. I could never tire of puppy pictures! Love seeing her sweet little face! Louie doesn't have much of a tale either. Looks like you're going to have little tooth tattoos on those bushes. ;-)

  2. Oh thank you so so sos much. I watch paroles and pit bulls and I want a dog so badly. NO NO NO. I am going to try to get Beatles to walk in the woods with me...

  3. Every time I scroll down to the gremlin pic, I burst out laughing! Perfect!