Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pup Versus Machine

 The sweet little pup is becoming a holy terror. Dear Old Doggie had been old and blind for so long, I'd forgotten how terrible terriers can be. She spends all day lying in wait for something to pounce on and it's usually me.

It's been hard enough keeping her from chewing up all my fancy toys when they are motionless.

Add a little motion and all hell breaks loose. Hopefully by July she will have calmed down or this year's Tour will be a bust. Right now I am going to go dig out a spindle and go sit somewhere she can't reach.


  1. But she's so DARN CUTE!!!!!!

    It's amazing how quickly we forget what little devils baby pets can be. I've been bugging Dave for a new kitten, and he won't go for it!

  2. I thank you each and every time you remind me of puppy hood trials.. They are so darn CUTE they suck you in ……
    she will grow up….she will get easier!!

  3. Sweet pictures of the pup. Isn't it amazing how much trouble pups can find? Good luck with the spindling. :-)

  4. She is so adorable!!!!!! I mean seriously adorable!!!!! I know what you mean though....they are busy little buggers. LOL They do calm a bit with time so you should be good to go by July. Don't get me wrong, you'll still have to be on your toes though, cuz I'm not really sure if they calm down or you just get better at multitasking. ;-)