Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Wednesday WIPs


The Mister went off to play golf again yesterday so Pup and I hit the road solo. It was too nice a day to stay home. I've logged more couch time in the post jab #2 week than I have in probably forever and I just didn't feel like anymore of it. 

It was a beautiful day, sunny and calm. I am sad to say that the boat I was lobbying The Mister to buy is gone. I watched it change hands on Saturday. Sigh.....

What I really wanted to do was make a cake but after watching all the Nordic Ware tutorials I realized I needed some of this. They do not recommend Pam as it will gum up your pan and I've never had any luck greasing and flouring a pan especially fancy ones. I've got this three pack winging its way from Amazon as we speak. I hope it's here today.

After a week of couch time I do have a lot of knitting to show off. Festive Doodle is nearing the bottom hem. I've got only 10 more rows of colorwork to do before the ribbing.

I have made peace with the naughty cable project and am enjoying it very much. As a rule I'm not fond of cables but this is just enough to be a challenge without being a chore. 

The socks are all at various stages. I don't think I will have an April finish but that's not a problem. I am way ahead of schedule this year for Christmas gifting. Once The Mister and I get the all clear to get out of here I foresee lots of car knitting in my future. One week from today should be the day. I can't wait. I've got a long list of errands that need seeing to and a kitchen to remodel. Argh.....I can honestly say I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the idea of freedom. I have no idea where to start. 


  1. That entwined cable is beautiful! I love Celtic knots.

    Can't wait to see the cake that you bake. I'd love to taste it too, but I'll have to be happy just looking at a photo I suppose. LOL

  2. I just saw a recipe for a marbled bundt cake that I am going to try. Thanks for the tip on Pam messing up the pans...I will probably just grease with Crisco and dust with flour. Your knitting, as always, is gorgeous. Love the cable project and can't believe how much Festive Doodle has grown!

  3. Such a beautiful photo of your walk along the boardwalk with Pup. You DID get a lot of knitting done. It all looks so beautiful. Love the colorwork although it makes my brain hurt to think of knitting it myself. And those cables! Oh my gosh. It's amazing.
    I still haven't finished my socks. I have a feeling my days of being a prolific knitter are now done. I'm spending lots of time with Mom and it's not always yarn friendly time. That's okay. Some things are much more important. Take care.

  4. Your sweater color work is just amazing. I do want to get your Bakers Joy review. Ive mucked up many pans with PAM. Your cable sweater is really impressive.
    I don't know if it just you and I , which I doubt, but reentry is tricky. I'm pretty embarrassed to say that I hardly drove at all during the pandemic. I have to drive to meet the dear friends of mine from ISCU nurse world tomorrow and I'm try to calm myself over it.

  5. Oooh, that cable project is fabulous! I’m glad you’re starting to get out more. I’m planning a trip to see my sister- it’s been far too long, but I feel safer now that I’m fully vaccinated.

  6. Rejoining the world is a bit shaky at first! You will soon remember the swing of things! The walk looks like a lovely way to spend an hour or two! Beautiful knitting!

  7. Beautiful knitting! What no boat...:0 Yes getting out is good again...we did Dentist and Eye Doctors...hope to visit our daughter mmid May when everyone in her household has been vaccinated! I am looking forward to that! WE still mask up and wash hands !! :)

  8. Such great knitting. That fair isle is breath-taking. I assume there is a steek involved at some point? I really need to just go ahead a make a steeking project. It's the only way to do a fair isle garment.
    The cables look very complicated -- but so beautiful!