Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Day


I bet you can guess what we are up to today. If you said jab #2 you are right. I've been dreading it like crazy. To say I am a nervous wreck is an understatement. I made the mistake of going down the #teammoderna second shot rabbit hole on Twitter and saw how many folks are getting very sick from it. I've gathered up everything I think we might need if we do. I've also got lots of Italian ices in the freezer. 

The worse part for someone like me is that 15 minute wait. I can't sit still especially when I am in panic mode and people, I AM IN PANIC MODE. This time around I am taking my lucky crystal, a bracelet Big Grand made me and a little fidget gadget I found on Amazon to play with. I've been using it whenever I get the Covid willies and it's been helping. I'm also packing some knitting. I've got a toe to finish and that might help me get through it with making a fool of myself. 

I've made a nest on the couch for when I get back home and all I am planning on doing for the next few days is babying myself with some light reading if I feel up to it. My poor sister was laid low for about 36 hours when she got her first shot last week. Wish me luck- I sure hope I don't need it. 


  1. Best of luck. Some people get reactions, but a whole lot of folks don't. We get our second Pfizer shot next week.

  2. A few down days won't be too bad either for 6 months immunity from the shot. You can do this!

  3. It is a rough shot for some...like me. Others do okay like my husband...hop you have an easy time of it. Whatever the result it is better than getting Covid. The anti vaxers are driving me nuts on Facebook...such stupidity. The worst part is they seem like intelligent folks before all this.

  4. Oh Deb, I wish I were there to give you a great big hug and just hang out with you over the next few days. You may not have ANY side effects but it's never bad to be prepared. Take care and breathe deeply. I'll be praying for you and anxiously awaiting an update. Just think, after today you will feel much better about being out and about a little.
    Blessings,love and a big hug,

  5. Oh Deb,
    I am praying for you. Other than the rash after Pfizer second shot I was fine. Maybe because you are all prepared you will feel good. I hope so.
    We actually finished our confinement and went out yesterday. To a place on the lake, at 3 pm. Almost no one was there then. It was so easy to fall back into before. I was worried we would t know how. The world is still out there!!

  6. Reactions to the shot are preferred to Covid for sure.