Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Let Them Eat Cake


The family got this photo texted to us the other day. DIL had made one spectacular cake that we all ooohed and aaaahed over.

I commented that I had no idea how anyone ever got a cake like that out in one piece from one of those fancy pans. I remember vividly the great bundt disaster of 2018. That's when I gave my cheap old fancy pans to the charity shop. 

Well....look what showed up in the mail today. DIL sent me one of those really fancy non-stick pans. The Mister never got a birthday cake because it was the day after our jabs and no one was feeling up to cake but lookout-I'm going to be going cake crazy in the very near future.


  1. I've been baking ever since I left work, even the scotch oatcakes that I adore with cheese (not too often ! )I'm enjoying the chance to cook meals etc from scratch now I have the time.

  2. Oh - you will have to show pictures. Your DIL's cake looks so yummy!!

  3. Oh, what fun for both of you!!!! Looking forward to what comes out of the pan!

  4. Ooooh, your DIL’s cake looks fantastic!

    I got rid of my “fancy” baking pans when I downsized. I felt I didn’t use them enough to keep them.

  5. When I baked a bunch of fancy cakes for my Mom's 90th birthday party I found the Baker's Joy was just the thing to use in the fancy pans:)

  6. That is a beautiful cake and how sweet of her to send you a pan to bake one just like it. That was very thoughtful. I did the same thing Nancy did and got rid of a bunch of pans I never used but the one I did keep was my Mom's angel food cake pan. It has lots of special memories attached to it.
    I hope you share a photo of it with us soon.