Thursday, April 15, 2021


All my little plant babies are in their pots. I put them in there last Sunday. Right now the most interesting thing I am up to is laying on the couch. I could get used to this. 

I had been rolling the little cart around to follow the sun pre-jab. Now I am letting nature takes it course for a few days. They should be fine.

My critter solution was to take some old garden netting we had left over from last year and cover the back side of the deck. 

At night I take the black bird netting and clamp it over the pots so no one can get in and then booby trap it with loose screens and pots. The buggers haven't figured out how to work around my fix-yet. Give them some time and I'm sure they will. 


  1. How are you feeling? Any issues?
    The critter trap looks great and hopefully will continue to baffle them. :-)

  2. I feel just like I did the first time-tired, headache, no appetite. None of the classic side effects thank goodness-no fever, aches or major tummy issues like my poor sister had. I just want to lay on the couch and sleep. I did just clean the whole house from top to bottom this morning so there's that. I can't really be feeling as bad as I think I

  3. Hope you feel better soon, I am still tired...but maybe I am just old

  4. Critter traps! Reminds me of the Mousetrap game. LOL

    Glad to read above that your reaction to the vaccine is not all that bad. Napping on the couch can be pretty nice!

  5. That should keep them pretty safe.
    Hope you're feeling better soon

  6. Rest while you can - it can’t hurt! Great solution to keep the critters out of the pots.

  7. Looking good--I hope the critters leave it alone for you!