Sunday, April 11, 2021



I got the bug to start something new and Amazon brought me this yarn the very next day. I thought it was a sign but noooo......the knitting gods have not been on my side. 

First the pattern was wrong. I paid $7 for it from a well known designer but there was a glaring error right at the start. No. I didn't contact the designer and report it. I've seen the way they talk about people who do that on Twitter and I don't want that kind of attention. I am not even naming the project or the designer here either. Lucky for me I've done plenty of cable work so I know how it should go so I could work around it. I see now why there are no projects for this pattern on Ravelry yet. Most folks couldn't get past the issue that the charts are mixed up causing the directions to make absolutely no sense at all. 
If that wasn't bad enough........there was a knot in the yarn. A KNOT.  About two inches in. I can't even. I should have just finished up something I already have going. I never learn. 

Speaking of projects I already have going, some of them are not behaving well either. My latest Felicis have that weird orange thing going on. One is rather salmon colored, the other is a vivid orange. It's not a huge issue but it's enough to put me over the edge. 


  1. Deb, I sure hope both of our knit luck changes soon. I ended up crying last night, (about something else) and said, between sobs, "and I can't knit anything anymore"!
    Oh dear someone needed a good sleep. One of the first places I'm going when my vaccines are fully operational is going to be my LYS. I've missed it so much.

  2. Aww I hate knots that you cannot work around...I usually ball up my yarn for just that purpose and to save my sanity! I bet when washed the oranges will be almost the same color...:)

  3. Look at you enjoying the outdoors with gardening and making beautiful yarn. I get so mad when a skein of yarn has a knit, especially when there are color changes and they just tie two colors together and completely disregard the patterns the colors should create. Good luck with those cables, I could never figure it out if there was an error. Stay safe.

  4. Frustrating knitting is, well, frustrating! I am impressed by those cables you started, though. They look very complex.
    I see the different in the oranges. This is why I don't even try for matching socks. Mismatched socks never fail!

  5. The higher the hopes, the greater the disappointment!

  6. Oh boy. What a day for you. It seems almost every skein of yarn I've used lately has had a knot. That infuriates me. It's not so bad when it's a solid or lightly variegated yarn, but when it's patterning....well, I'm not very happy.
    Blessings and hugs,