Monday, April 5, 2021

Hippity Hoppity


Other than a lovely family Zoom with the Grands, Easter was another sad, dismal affair so I decided to spoil myself last week and buy stuff. Maybe the bunny didn't deliver this year but Knit Picks did. I can't believe how fast they got this here. It's for man socks. It's all willy nilly yarn with nothing to match. Miles of mindless knitting. Yay. 

Every time we walk past a certain beach house I have to stand and listen to their bamboo chimes. Not anymore. I have my own right outside the deck door. You can see me in the glass taking the photo looking very ghostly. I like that. I feel pretty ghostly these days. 

I had to retire Dad's old iron that I've been using because I dropped it one too many times and it won't stay on. Don't tell The Mister but I also dinged up the new laminate floor in the sewing room with it so I thought I better replace it with an itty bitty one. I can't believe the prices of full size irons. It's a good thing I didn't want one. 

Since I finished the fruit puzzle while I whipped up a very uninspiring Easter dinner out of odds and ends....

.....I treated myself to another of the tiny puzzles. I may start this one. I may not. In a few weeks we may be back in business on the kitchen remodel. Come May first we'll be able to be out and about gathering what we need so I may need the puzzle table gone which is fine by me. I'm ready for a new kitchen. 


  1. Pretty yarn! KnitPicks is so good - fast and inexpensive. I like your bamboo windchimes - they always sound so nice. That iron looks pretty neat too!

  2. Love the yarn--I was pleasantly surprised with the better turn around time from KnitPicks, too! I hope it stays that way. The new iron looks very handy--you need one.

  3. I’ve seen those mini irons. Are you pleased with it? Being vaccinated certainly opens up possibilities doesn’t it. I hope you can get the kitchen remodel finished this year.

  4. Deb, Im going to buy some yarn. Thank you for stating your Easter stunk. .Ours really did too. EXCEPT we got great sunny warm weather. The weather I"ve been waiting for. I have 3 projects going but am going to buy some yarn anyhow. Cause you said I could

  5. Fun! Knitpicks is very fast.
    I just got a yarn order too (I needed some large size dpns and I wanted free shipping) but not from Knitpicks. I'm waiting until they have new Felici colours to order from them!

    Love your windchimes. I've been looking for the perfect set for years.