Thursday, April 8, 2021

It's Not Easy Being Green


After my dismal failure at growing things last year I swore I would never try to grow anything ever again and then I walked past the little produce shop on the boardwalk and.........

.....look what followed me home. They were outside (safe), the cashier was right by the big open door (safe) and behind plexiglass (very safe). I couldn't resist. 

I still have all my garden carts.........

....and all the containers from last year's disaster so I thought I'd give it one more try. I am not dragging the carts around the yard this year. I am using only the small one and it will sit on the deck and follow the sun away from critters and messy trees. I only bought one tomato (cherry), one green pepper and a few herbs. Nice and simple. I hope.

I could even get soil this year. Last year I couldn't get this anywhere. I had to dig up dirt from the woods and I'm sure that was part of the problem with my minuscule crop. I got three huge bags from a curbside pickup at the local hardware yesterday which was way more than I need.

I shouldn't be getting all excited about my new little hobby because this lone tulip is a reminder of how badly things can go wrong here in the big woods.

I was wondering why I never get any tulip blooms. Upon closer inspection I see why. What eats tulip buds? That's just crazy, right?

I'm afraid my poor plants don't stand a chance out there. At least the camellias seem to be holding their own. Lots of blooms have turned into lots of lovely debris. It's a wild world out there. 


  1. Those plants should do well on yoru deck!! I keep a rosemary plant on our patio and we also grow eggplants in a pot on the patio!

  2. Deer will eat your tulips. They love them. I've had some success my mixing my tilips with the daffodils. They hate daffodils. Good luck with your little plants! It's hard to resist their siren song.

  3. Chipmunks. It's the chipmunks who eat the tops of the tulips. Mine are decimated, thanks to them. They don't touch the daffodils, so no more tulips for me, just daffs.

  4. deer deer eat tulip buds i could never grow them although I tried to every year

  5. There is nothing better than fresh basil and rosemary. Good luck with the new little garden.

  6. I never had good luck growing tulips in the country: the deer ate most of them before they bloomed. May your mini garden flourish this year!

  7. Dear love tulips. Also... Squirrels. Mine love to lop the heads off them. I don't know why.

    And then there's the buns... I had three beautiful little white crocuses bloom the other day... I took a picture and thank goodness I did.. the very next day... all nipped completely off!

  8. Deer and rabbits love tulips. Best of luck with your garden adventure! WE cannot have anything outside for another six weeks or so:)

  9. Oh Deb! You are going to succeed this year I know it. The deer love the tulips. Ive seen bunnies eat them too.
    Okay , now this could be your growing year! Basil requires full sun. I used to grow it in our shady old yard and pull off about 3 leaves a year. It was screaming for sun and I didn't know it. Using the group soil for tender plants is making it tough on them. WITH the exception of cosmos seeds, which can literally be tossed atop the ground and as long as they consistently watered. They are my favorite go to when I want to fill an area with airy tall tall flowers that last until halloween.
    Maybe listen the empress of dirt. She is free and has good tips. the reason my vegetables failed so last year, was that i kept them on a second story porch and few bees went up there to pollinate them. Ok. Lets do this!!

  10. Oh, those deer are dreadful nibblers but so are the bunnies! It's hard to share! You will have a good time with the growing this year.

  11. Have you considered the very real looking artificial flowers that are out there.