Friday, April 23, 2021

A Big Adventure


We were off yesterday to do something we haven't done in over a year.

Who would have ever thought I'd be this excited about going into a grocery store?

Picking out my own veggies was heaven. We still have 4 days until our 2 week vaccination waiting period is up but we have a lot of confidence in our little mom and pop grocery down the street. They've been delivering our groceries all this time and not one of their employees has caught Covid. They must be doing something right.

It was a quick trip in a mostly empty store during the late afternoon lull. The Mister needs to work on his social distancing before I turn him loose in there by himself. I'm sure he was getting the stink eye from some folks before I quietly nudged him away. He needs to learn patience to wait his turn in the aisles. 

I am so glad not to have to do big two week orders anymore. BC-before Covid we shopped almost everyday for fresh fruits and veggies. We are not going back to that anytime soon but running in for just a few things a couple of times a week is going to be such a big improvement over the drudgery of planning things so far in advance and trying to keep things fresh. Hallelujah.


  1. My partner still does the big shop but I venture out during the quiet times maybe once a week. There's something important about being able to choose which items you want and make that ' ohh we will have that for a change' decision x Today we seem to have moved from pandemic to endemic here in the UK which is good news.

  2. Yay for you! I know how exciting that was for you because I felt the same thing when I first went into a store.

  3. How wonderful for you both! What a treat to go to the store--it is all of those simple things that are coming back for a 'normal' life again!

  4. I am happy for you! It is starting to feel a bit like we may be okay after all , right? I've been talking to my mom so much lately . i Really feel she listens.

  5. Good for you, we have not done that yet:(

  6. Yay! Nice to have a bit of normality back!