Sunday, April 18, 2021

Just Rewards


This is all the knitting I've done for the week. I did a few rows on the Static twofers on the way to and from our grocery pickup yesterday. 

I may have been feeling better but I was clearly still out of my mind because I ordered three of those cheap little pies you get in the bakery-cherry, apple and blueberry. After a week of eating pretty much nothing the temptation was just too great. I needed something naughty and this is all they had. I have no regrets. They are darn good little pies for a dollar. 


  1. There are times when crafting just doesn't happen. I only knit about 10 stitches, no exageration, the week that I drove here. I kept thinking I was wasting prime kniting/crocheting time by driving.
    Hope you're feeling much better now.

  2. A dollar for a pie??? I don't think I could resist loading up my cart right to the tippy top.

  3. That was money well spent. Go slow with your recuperation. Stay safe.

  4. when I feel blah, I just read about projects and ideas so I don't starve! It's okay to have an off feeling still!

  5. My husband likes the blueberry ones, here they are a bargain at 50 cents! I don't like them.

  6. sometimes you just need a treat :-)