Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Too Hot to Handle

My refrigerator pickles turned out to be delicious so I was happy to see the cucumber plants are still making baby cukes in this horrible heat in spite of looking so dismal. 

I actually found a good looking one today.

The tomatoes are starting to get some color. Trying to keep them going in this heatwave has not been fun. I have to carry gallons of water out to them regularly. 

How happy is that? I didn't get many Black Eyed Susan blooms this year thanks to the deer eating half the plants but what I did get was most welcome in this dreary time. Cabin fever has definitely set in. We are both taking turns being grouchy this week. 

Speaking of deer, I now have a long path down the front walk of sad half eaten stalks of Hostas. The Mister always complains about them taking up the sidewalk. Not this year. That's just pitiful.

The Hydrangea has taken over the end of the sidewalk. This is the best year it's had in ages. Look at that color. When this nightmare is over I'm going to rip up the front beds and plant more of them. I don't think anyone can have enough Hydrangeas. 


  1. Oh! Those hydrangeas are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! I love the colors. I'm glad your garden is doing so well, even with the heat. That shows your dedication to watering.

  2. I agree with you about hydrangeas. So pretty. Mine are pink with a little purple. I’d like to try for blue but don’t think about adjusting the soil until they’ve already bloomed! Deer have had a feast on my hostas too. At least they are a hardy plant and will return next year.
    Stay cool !

  3. Great news on the veggies! The hostas are very sad though! I'm so glad you do have some pretty blooms; the black eyed susans and the hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous hydrangea!!! I have not had luck with them at all. And the deer eat everything around here. Aren't home-made pickles the best? So easy to make and so delicious!! Enjoy.

  5. Keep watering the garden plants, and they will reward you with lots of produce.

  6. It's been horrible summer for humidity this year. We actually had a nice day yesterday - I was able to turn off the a/c and and enjoy from fresh air, but now we're back to hot and stupid.

    Those hydrangeas are lovely. Dave's aunt has a front yard full of them and it's amazing this time of year.

  7. Beautiful Hydrangea and apparently not appealing to the deer. Glad your garden endeavor has paid off. Much too hot and humid to enjoy being outside.

  8. Those hydrangea are just gorgeous. Wish I had enough sun to grow them.
    I've never seen a deer in our neighborhood, but something is eating my hostas, so I suspect we have some.

  9. Oh i have yet to get one cucumber . But I see what you have shown in the bud stage so I am hopeful. I think I should have planted a lot more vegetables than I did. The porch trick worked, but we put the cucumbers in the real ground this week as I felt Fireman was correct, and they would do better if not potted.
    I 've never had critters eat hosta! I am driving two buckets of water down our long driveway to the mailbox plants. almost daily. We have had very little rain. Storms seems to skirt us.

  10. That Hydrangea is beautiful! You can take cuttings, root them and then plant them:)

  11. Blue hydrangeas are my absolute favorite!
    I've never tried it but I've heard putting the hair you pull out of your hair brush and a little soap shavings around the plants will scare away the deer. They smell it and think there's a person there.