Thursday, July 30, 2020

30 Days, 22 Hours, 40 minutes and 59 seconds

That's how much time there is until the actual Tour begins. At least is was when I was writing this yesterday. I'm getting excited but not too excited. That's a long time and more virus stuff can happen between now and then. I'm still getting my little spinning corner ready. It's in the middle of the unholy kitchen mess.

I've been working on the Streets of Loredo fiber but it's going too quickly. I love to spin while I watch TV but I don't really need anymore handspun at the moment. 

What I need to do is dig out last year's unfinished Tour projects and put some work into them instead of just peddling away on the Ladybug every night.

What I also need to do is finish Trinidad, the California Red. I carded all those batts back in March and then let them just sit. I've got two finished skeins already and I'd like them to be a pair of socks one day.

I've also got plans for some cotton I started two Tours ago.

I managed to ply this much over that time but I need more. Lots more if this is going to become something one day. That's the problem with spinning. You aren't done when you're done. Something always needs to come next. 


  1. I sure hope you get to do the tour next month. In my opinion you've had enough disappointment this year. All of that yarn you've shown us is gorgeous but I really like Trinidad.
    Take care Debbie. Stay well.

  2. Thanks for the heads up--I didn't realize the tour was on the schedule again! I will spin the wool/silk/linen blend. I have so much handspun but I rarely knit it up. I guess because I'm lazy. I should knit it all up into mittens and send it to Alaska!

  3. Everything looks wonderful! I won't be spinning but I surely hope to be watching the Tour! The two sports I truly love are college basketball and cycling; I am so hoping for some kind of normal to return. Going to look online and pick out a new knitting project!

  4. I think all you have spun is just gorgeous. Have fun.