Friday, July 31, 2020

Bye Bye July

Look what I got. I've been itching to make another pair of two at a time on Magic Loop socks and my timing couldn't have been better. Knit Picks had Felici on sale and lots of colorways to choose from. I also stocked up on some Mighty Stitch. I'm not sure what I am going to do with it but I wanted it. 

I'm finally out of the mountains with Lofoten. I'm into the snowflakes which are a lot more fun to knit. 

My socks are languishing..... is Pimpeliess. I was knitting away like crazy every night on them while watching Ozark and I've run out of episodes. I have also been wilted by the evening from the record breaking heat we've been putting up with. This is the time of year I curse the ancestors who thought it would be a good idea to get on a boat and come to the new world. I'm much more suited to the weather in the UK than I am in this tropical nightmare. I need clouds. I need rain. I need a hot cup of tea.


  1. You need to go visit my friend Lorraine who lives on an island between England and Scotland. It's usually cool and cloudy there.
    I love all of your new yarn and your progress on all of your projects.
    I purposely didn't open any emails from Knit Picks this month because I just can't buy anymore yarn right now while we're living in the trailer. But, I must admit that Mighty Stitch yarn has me curious. Is it sock yarn?
    Have a great Friday and I hope it's cooler for you. We're supposed to be well into the 100's.

  2. I'm curious. What is the hole in the Lofoten do? Is it a buttonhole?

    Love the Felici colors, especially the Dragon Boat one. I have a friend that races Dragon Boats and that is a perfect representation of the colors.

  3. That is the steek for the armhole. There are three all together. One for each arm and one for the front opening.

  4. I'm curious about mighty stitch too. What weight is that? Cloudy and rainy here today - come on up!! I do love all your knitting - so many beautiful projects.

  5. The new yarn is scrumptious--the colors are very uplifting! You are making great progress on your Lofoten! The Pimpeliess is so very pretty--perfect for your handspun yarn.

  6. Love the Felici! Such happy yarn.
    We finally got a break from the humidity, though it's still hot. It's quite tolerable in the mornings before noon, and after 4 pm though. I've been doing a little painting in the evenings outside and it's quite nice.

  7. Your new yarn colors are wonderful. I feel like there will be more yarn purchases for me this month, I seem to be going crazy. Love your projects. Stay safe.

  8. Fun Projects...I read where Ozark will be back for a final season of 14 episodes. Not sure when:(