Tuesday, August 6, 2019

TNT: ISO Appley Dapply

 Years ago I had stitched this using a crewel kit I had picked up at a local craft store. It hung in the hallway of my old house for years. Somehow in the move it went missing and for some reason I can't explain I've been thinking about it so I decided to investigate.

It was a kit from Columbia Minerva designed by Erica Wilson back in the 70's.

 You can still find some of those kits for sale online.

 I found these two and bought them. One on Etsy and one on Ebay. I found the little knitting mouse I was looking for but the site wanted $159 for her. Nope. Not happening. I'll keep looking.

In the meantime I bought this little 5 x 7 inch print from Cloud Nine Prints of her sweet little self knitting away.

In other stitching news, this is my one Floss Tube indulgence from last weekend's kitty sitting adventure. Every time I watch an episode I end up buying something. I'm lucky this was all it was this time around.  It came from Lindy Stitches on Etsy as a pattern download. Instant gratification.


  1. Oh! I did some of those crewel kits back in the day. So cute. Love the little knitting mouse.

  2. Awwwwww....how sweet is that little knitting mouse? Glad you could find a more reasonable facsimile to the embroidery project.

  3. I always love the pictures from Beatrice Potter--your kits will be so fun to do!

  4. Lovely cross stitch. I really like the knitting bunney. She's so sweet.

  5. I love the two kits that you purchased. Way back when, I did some of those Erica Wilson kits. They were not inexpensive back then so I can imagine they are pricey today. You have some wonderful new projects in your lineup!

  6. I loved Erica Wilson's crewel kits, too. And yes, I have some crewel UFOs among all the others.....

  7. Nothing like instant gratification.

  8. I found an Appley Dapply crewel kit on eBay however it is not by Erica Wilson.