Saturday, August 24, 2019

An End and a Beginning

 The towel on the loom is almost done. I've only got a few inches left to weave.

 My rule has always been to warp something new while I was weaving so the loom wouldn't sit empty but due to all the remodeling of the upstairs craft room that didn't happen.

 I thought since I had so much of these pretty colors left I might make a different towel with the leftovers but that didn't work out. There wasn't enough left.

 I went stash diving to see if I could come up with something close and I found these. They are not a match but I think they've got the spirit.

Unlike the one I am working, on this towel will just be a plain twill. I'm still not sure about all those holes. I can't wait to see what happens to them after a wash.


  1. I do like these two muted color combinations! Isn't it fun to see what you have after a good wash/dry--just like with quilts!

  2. Beautiful towels! Liana

  3. The towel you are finishing up is very pretty. Will be fun to see the magic created by washing and drying. The colors for the next project are very pretty also.

  4. Those are such pretty fall colors. I'm always amazed at the weaving process. So pretty.

  5. They definitely get along. LOVE those colors