Thursday, August 22, 2019

Beating the Heat

It's been brutal here all week but The Mister and I got a nice break.

 Son and DIL had rented a lake house up in the mountains for a week and gave us an invite for a couple of days.

That's Deep Creek Lake. I haven't been up there in ages. The last time I was up there I was with my parents and I was hauling around a carload of kids.

The weather was beautiful. Cool and dry. It was even a bit chilly with a wonderful breeze. Perfect for sitting outside and knitting. I was outside for two days without a bug bite. In August. Can you believe it?

 Pup also got to be outside for a change. I think she even got a bit sunburned. We haven't been outside for any length of time back home. It's just been too miserable.

 The Grands had a great time in the lake. They were jumping off the dock and collecting piles of rocks.

 I had a standing joke about seeing bears. Everywhere you go there are bear warnings.

This is the only one I saw. Poor guy. It made me sad to see him all stuffed like that at the Nature Center but the Grands loved him.

 We went to the Deep Creek State Park for a hike. Little Grand led the way with the map he picked up at the nature center. It was too cute.

Back at the cabin all they wanted to do is beat me in chess. Playing chess with a 4 year old is an experience. Especially since he knew the rules better than I did.

We took the long trip back home yesterday and as soon as we got over the first mountain range we went from 76 degrees all the way back up to 94. Ugh. They are promising us a nice weekend and they better deliver. I need to open the windows. My stuffy house was no fun to come back to.


  1. Look at YOU wearing long pants!!!!

    It was MISERABLY hot and humid here today. Glad you got a break from it for a little while and hoping the weather people are right about a more moderate weekend.

  2. Oh, I am so glad you had a break; what a wonderful place to revisit! New happy memories are a good thing.

  3. That looks like a wonderful place! Is that an upper deck on the house? Love it. I need to see where this place is on a map. Glad you had such a nice time.

  4. What a wonderful break! It's wonderful that you had such fun with your family and in cool weather - bonus!!

  5. Oh, I'm so glad you got to go to the mountains. We had a hot week too, but without the humidity you have to bear. We had rain last night and this morning it's a cool 62! I know it will heat up again, but I'm enjoying this.
    I loved the photos of the grands enjoying the outdoors. I laughed at the little guy guiding the rest of you on the hike. How fun!

  6. Glad that you got a needed respite from the heat and humidity.

  7. What a wonderful vacation/break from the heat for you! It has been so miserably hot and humid. I tell myself I should not complain because I have air conditioning and I do not have to work outside. I still find myself whining though. We are also promised cooler temperatures and lower humidity for the weekend. It will be such a treat.

  8. We have relatives that live at Deep Creek and everyone talks about how cold it is there... so naturally we've spent the summer talking about moving there. Sounds like you had a wonderful time... and maybe I should take our talks more seriously. :)

  9. What a wonderful few days. I learned how to play chess when I was about five years old. My brother taught me (he was seven) because he couldn't beat my Dad (who taught him). After a few weeks, we were pretty evenly matched!

  10. I don't envy the heat you get, but your time at the lake looks great!
    My husband saw a bear mama and two cubs when he was biking last week in northern Minnesota. She reared up, and biked by as fast as he could!

  11. Nice get away! What a fun time for you!