Wednesday, August 7, 2019


 Now that the fall soap making frenzy is over I can start using the sewing side of my little craft room again.

 I had to pull out all of my projects so I could remember what I'd been working on.

I've got two tops that need machine quilting but until I finish up my little practice sampler I'm not touching them. I'm still feeling a little iffy about the whole machine quilting thing.

 In the hand quilting department I've still working my way through the rings which are some tough layers to get a needle through.

I had to resort to buying these funny little finger things just so I can get a grip on the needle to pull it through. I'll be happy when I am back in the soft center part of the quilt. Very happy.


  1. You have some beautiful quilts on the go!

  2. I've dabbled with free-motion quilting on my machine and the results are always disappointing. I know it takes practice, but I don't have the patience required for that.

  3. I love that quilt you are quilting by hand (the rings). Gorgeous. Are those little finger things like rubber thimbles?

    1. They don't protect my fingers. They help me grip the needle which is hard to pull through the layers. I really like them because they are so flexible.

  4. Those quilts are all going to be beautiful but my favorite is the dresden plate. So pretty.

  5. You do such beautiful work. Love that wave design on the practice piece.

  6. It must be so much fun to inventory your projects and decide what gets attention next.

  7. All those beautiful colors. You must have the happiest beds in town! :-)

  8. I've been making a bunch of little birds, and now a couple of owls, that have quite a bit of hand sewing on them. I got the bright idea to use a pair of tweezers to pull the needle through and it's been great. I don't know that I could use those finger thingy's.

  9. How nice to grab a pile of blocks and get excited again about stitching! You will do fine on the machine quilting front--practice!