Sunday, August 18, 2019


 The Mister and I are off to see Volta with Daughter and SIL at Tyson's today but I think Daughter would rather stay home.

 If you remember she just lost her kitty to cancer a few weeks ago and has been heart broken. Her way of dealing with it has been keeping herself crazy busy so she bought the Cirque tickets and planned lots of weekend getaways. Then...a few days ago she saw this little critter on a friend's Facebook page. It was a stray that a friend of her friend had found and she needed a home. It's the image of the kitty she lost.

 Her sweet husband went and picked up the kitten while she was at work on Friday. Even though it had been with the foster family for five weeks it had never been to the vets so she held her breath (and kept it quarantined) until it got a clean bill of health which it did yesterday morning.

So now she's got a new kitty she calls Emi, which means Little Blessing in Japanese. And lucky me, I've got two long kitty sitting events coming up with her at the end of the month. Oh, joy. I am happy for Daughter but my kitty allergies are going to get a workout for sure. I'm going to have to pack the Benadryl.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Little Emi is the sweetest looking kitty. She looks very much like our first cat. He had our hearts for 15 years and I still miss him. Lucky you getting to visit her soon. I miss my kitties.

  2. Emi is darling! Enjoy Volta!!

  3. What a sweetheart - I hope she can lighten your daughter's sorrow.

  4. Oh my, what a cutie! New ones always come along when they were meant to!

  5. What a beautiful kitten! How sweet of your son-in-law to go pick up the kitten. Know you will enjoy your time with the new family member when you are house and pet sitting. Are you allergic to cat or just kittens?

  6. Cirque du Soleil is wonderful! I saw a show at Radio City Music Hall a few years ago - it was a double treat to see their show at such an amazing theater!
    Emi is adorable - what a sweet little face! I'm allergic to cats/dogs but I do get to take care of my friend's cat when she travels. He's a very proper gentleman who allows me to pet him until I start to itch or sneeze - he very understandably disappears when that happens!

  7. What a beautiful, little sweetheart! So glad your daughter was ready to adopt her. Now Emi will be enjoying the good life! Can't wait to see pics when you kitty sit!

  8. Nothing like a kitten to soothe a broken heart!
    This little one is so cute! And so is her name.
    You are a good mama to go and kitty sit!