Sunday, August 25, 2019

All Packed Up

I knew I had to spend a lot of time kitty sitting at Daughter's at the end of the month. I'll be in and out for the next two weeks. I love to watercolor at her house because she has a long dark granite island with a sink in the middle that's perfect for making a mess.

 Thanks to my binge buying, I have way too many watercolor choices so I had the big idea of making little sample cards to take along so I wouldn't have to pack any of my tubes of paint. My card kit company does this and it works just fine.  Mine didn't work. I couldn't get the dots to dry even after several weeks.

Then while watching some YouTube videos I saw some folks using the coolest thing.  It's a watercolor booklet. It's just what I needed.

 It's lightweight and small so it's easy to pack. Those squares are watercolors. You just run your brush over them and you get paint. Crazy, huh?

 All those gooey dots didn't go to waste.

I used them to make a bunch of splashy backgrounds for flower doodles to take along.

I also bought one of those adult coloring books that's just for watercolor for the trip. Sometimes I just want to paint and thinking about what to paint just gets in the way of the fun. I've got a lot of time to fill so I'm all about the fun.


  1. Oh, it is so nice to sit without distraction and add color to paper--I hope it goes very well for you! I love the little watercolor booklet--genius!

  2. You'll have to show us that page when you get it painted. Looks like it will be VERY pretty.

  3. How cool! I love seeing new ideas on your posts - watercolor booklets - genius! I'm hoping you'll have a lovely time kitty=stting!!

  4. Sounds like kitty sitting will be lots of fun. I love the idea of flower doodling on top of the splashes of watercolor. Can't wait to see what you paint.

  5. Now the first thing that I thought was that the colors would run on the booklet. I must be wrong or they wouldn't have made it. That page is going to be so pretty when it's dones.

  6. You're going to have a lot of fun - I hope you share your creations!

  7. Oh, what fun you will have will kitty sitting! And a new kitten to play with also. Looking forward to any photos that you share of the new kitten.

  8. Interesting booklet that gives you watercolors! :) Have fun!