Friday, August 2, 2019

The Bombs That Bombed

 The Grands are coming over for crabs on Sunday and I wanted to make them some bath bombs. They loved the ones I gave them a few months ago.

 The problem is the humidity. Even with the AC cranked down my poor bombs started to fizz. That made them lopsided and rather ugly. I drug one of the dehumidifiers upstairs to see if it would help dry them out.

I could get the humidity down but it was so hot in the soap room I could barely work. Ugh.

 I don't think the Grands will mind the ugly bombs. They work just fine.

 I also had lots of other lotions and potions to make this week.

We are having our ladies lunch next Friday and I wanted to bring some goodies to my former co-workers. It was a lot easier making bath teas, lip balm, body butters and lotion bars.

I've also got 80 bars of fall soap curing in that room. Regulating the temperature and the humidity has been a battle. Summer is no time for this kind of fun. Sigh.


  1. Those lucky ladies! You make the best goodies! I feel your frustration with the heat and humidity too. I'm ready for a cool down as well.

  2. I bet your soap room smells wonderful! Enjoy the kids and your ladies' lunch.

  3. Oh, still--I can just imagine the luscious smells emanating from your soaps and such! Glad you could rescue the bath bombs!

  4. I always learn from your posts - mainly because I don't do soap-making I would never have thought about humidity! How can I not think about humidity in relation to everything lately??

  5. Wonky or not, the kids will love those (and your lucky friends!!).

  6. What a wonderful treat for your friends next week! I never thought about the impact of humidity on making soap. Would imagine the grands are more interested in submerging the bath bombs in water than appearance. Hope you have a wonderful day on Sunday.

  7. You've got a regular bath factory going there!

  8. I just know that not only will the kids love the bombs, the ladies will love their goodies too. You are very generous and I would love to smell the smells in your house right now.

  9. You've got some very lucky x-coworkers and I'm sure the grandkids will love their bath bombs.