Saturday, August 3, 2019

Party Like a Panda

 When I saw this card set I thought it would be just what I needed for August. We have lots of birthdays and I knew the Grands would be coming over on Sunday.

 While the grownups eat crabs I get to spend some time with them so I thought we'd make birthday cards for those aunts and uncles who will be celebrating soon. The problem was that putting that die cut panda together was hard. Too hard for little fingers so I spent yesterday afternoon making a bunch.

 I printed out balloons, hats and presents so the kids can decorate their own pandas. I hope they have as much fun with it on Sunday as I did.

The first bath bombs I made for the Grands were a bomb but I did find this little piggy mold on Amazon and thanks to running the dehumidifier 24/7 I managed to make several of them without them getting all lumpy. In case you are wondering it's a moon cake mold which I find are the best things ever for making bath bombs.


  1. I think your Grands are going to love making the cards with you and it was a great idea to get the hard parts done first. Love the piggies!

  2. Your grands are going to have a fabulous time. Can I be one of your grands too???? I'm a little old, but I'm very well behaved. ;-)

  3. Your grandchildren should have a wonderful time tomorrow. Great idea to do the intricate part of the cards and avoid frustration for the kids. I bet your home is just a delight for them.

  4. Love the pandas and the pigs! The grands are going to have a blast!

  5. All of your teaching years have given you good insight to prep work for doing a craft with kids! Wonderful time ahead-well, I'm late to the blogroll so you already had a great time! Fun bath bombs! lol