Monday, August 5, 2019

Good Times

 The best meals are those you eat on newspaper.

Nothing smells better than freshly steamed crabs.

 I attempted a shrimp boil so everyone would have more than just crabs to eat.

 I need to work on this. In spite of boiling in all the good stuff it was pretty bland. I forgot to make the spicy butter sauce to pour on top.

 The coconut macaroons were good. Daughter helped me make them. They were gluten free and they went fast. Our chocolate would not melt so we just slathered it on like frosting.

We had a healthy dessert also.

It's a big mess but easy to clean up. You just roll up the newspapers and dump.

 While the grownups ate, the Grands had fun making their cards.

They finished them and then did some art on their own. As I pulled out all my different art supplies to play with they kept asking me if I was an artist. No, kids. Just a bored old retired school teacher with way too much time on her hands.


  1. What fun! And you are, too, an artist!

  2. It looks like a wonderful time. I've never had a meal like that and it looks delicious to me.
    The Grands did a great job on thier cards. And you are DEFINITELY an artist.

  3. Sounds like a good time was had by all!

  4. Your post makes my mouth water! I love shrimp no matter how it's cooked. Family gatherings are fun, aren't they? (Sorry to be such a bad poster lately.)

  5. I made a version of a shrimp boil on the BBQ once..... Corn, potatoes, keilbasa (or summer sausage) and shrimp, all wrapped up in foil with butter an Old Bay seasoning.... It was super easy to make.

    You can do them in the oven
    I can't remember what the recipe was, but this one is close...

  6. That looks like a great assortment of delicious food! I agree with the grandkids about you being an artist. What a fun day for your family.

  7. So very jealous of that lovely meal!
    It's wonderful when the grandkiddos enjoy their time with you, isn't it?
    (But still jealous of the meal!)

  8. You are most DEFINITELY an artist. Your body of work PROVES it.