Saturday, August 11, 2018

Witches Brew

Can you stand yet another soap post?  I always look forward to making Witches Brew so I am super excited about sharing this one.

It's the kitchen sink of soaps.

Meaning I don't hold back on additives. It's got it all.

 Color too.

 It's hard to use that many colors. You've got to pour at just the right time and mixing all those colors becomes a race to get it done before it gets too thick to pour. The first pour was great, the second. Well, you'll see. I made two loaves but I only need one so it was a risk worth taking.

For those of you who asked, here's a peek at my fragrance shelf. I use a lot of different brands including Brambleberry.

 My tops are better. I watched some videos on texturing soap tops and let the soap sit while I cleaned up the mess before I took a spoon to it.

 The next morning the first pour was just as I expected. Nothing fancy.  I don't do fancy anymore...

...unless I have the soap thicken up on me so badly that all I could do was to spoon it in the mold in layers and than take a hanger to it to make those swirls. Nice, huh? I thought I was being efficient by trying to mix the lye in both pots of oils at the same time. Of course the second one got too thick while I was working with the first. No matter. I LOVE this one!!!


  1. The second one is really beautiful, like fallen leaves.

  2. Sometimes I want to take a knife and chip away at the soap just for fun. What is WITH ME? I guess I want to see the colors in a different way. OF course I dont do this, but I also want to eat them....

  3. I love it! But then, I think both are pretty. I would be so stressed out, trying to race against time.

  4. Always amazed at your brilliance.

    Can't wait to see the all your soaps.

    -Mary S.

  5. Oh wow! That's a fabulous happy accident! Love the swirls on top.

  6. Amazing results! It looks wonderful!

  7. Both pourings look wonderful! The second one just looks more dramatic and the colors are so bold. What fun to see your creations.

  8. Love the top of that soap! Perfect for Witches Brew!