Friday, August 10, 2018


 Tuesday I made the second most popular fragrance, Honeycrisp. It's an apple scent that ended up giving me a world of trouble as they always do. Everything went just fine in the beginning. The milks and butters all played nice together.

 The colors went off without a hitch. Red is tricky, so is green especially with fragrance oils with vanilla as this one is.

The first pour went beautifully. Even though this scent can rice, it didn't. I was feeling very smug.  The second pour not so much. It didn't rice but I could tell that it was on the verge.

I gave them both a dose of gold sparkle and hoped for the best.

 Uh, oh. The next day I could see that the second one is a mess. Can you see the difference?

That feathery texture is not a good thing. I can smell the difference too. It's stronger. I must have added just a drop too much fragrance in the second batch and a drop of this scent is all it takes sometimes. It will make a nice hand soap but I will remake this loaf so I'll have enough to gift. That's part of the soap deal. You win some, you lose some. It's such an exact science-frustrating at times but always fascinating.


  1. I think both are beautiful...but I expect that’s because I don’t have a clue about soap making. As I’ve said before, it all seems so mysterious to me. :-) Better luck next try?!?

  2. Hmmm, now that's a pain but not the end of the world, right?! You do make the most beautiful soap-remember that!

  3. I'm enjoying seeing this process. It looks so interesting. I'm betting the entire process would be way to fiddly for me though.

  4. Ah yes, soap-making at its best. Your soaps still look good but if you don't like to give them away, you could always grate them and make a plain white soap with colourful sprinkles. (I am touching wood as I type this) I have never had a batch of soap rice, I must have been lucky! I do sometimes have acceleration when I don't expect it, which is not fun when making swirly stuff :-)

    What brands of fragrance do you use? Good luck with the next batch x

  5. I had to look up the term "rice" in respect to soap making - really very interesting. I can see a slight difference in the photos above. There's really quite a lot of technique that is required!

  6. Even so, I think both are beautiful in appearance. It's surprising to me to see the difference in the two batches. Seems to be sort of like baking in that there are so many factors that impact the end result. Very interesting to see your process.