Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Honeycrisp Redo Part 1

 On the day I made the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap I decided to also make another apple scented loaf using a different apple scent. The problem was that all my 32 ounce molds were full of Oatmeal soap so I had to dig out another large one. This is a tall and skinny 44 ounce silicone mold. It makes a big bar of soap.

 It holds so much batter that it will bend out so I have it in a little support stand made out of a cheap plastic soap mold I got at Micheal's ages ago.

 That's a very tall and skinny bar all right. It looks better and smells better than the other loaves so you know what that means.

 It means I had to make yet another loaf the next day so everyone who wanted Honeycrisp could get one of the improved bars. My 32 ounce molds were now free so I made a normal sized loaf this time. Good thing. I am out of almost everything including the scent. I had just a tiny bit so I added a few drops of another apple scent I had. Big mistake.

 The next morning I had a lovely loaf of soap but the scent is still not quite right. Sigh. It's a bit too crisp and tart for me.

Now I've got three loaves of apple soap. A very cinnamon spicy one, a sweet one and now a rather tart one. I'm not done yet. I've got yet another apple scent on the way. This is getting to be an obsession.
The apple saga will continue......


  1. You are one patient woman. They all LOOK great to be. I wish I could smell through the computer. :-)

  2. stupid question maybe, but I am not a soap maker:) why do the bars have a "choppy" surface, does that serve a purpose or is it just your personal touch???

  3. They all look wonderful, and I bet they smell great, too.

  4. you're going to have a whole bushel of apple soap by the time you're done!

  5. It's fun following along on this soap adventure. All three look beautiful. Cinnamon spicy sounds wonderful.

  6. Oh, I am sure that all of the bars smell delicious! You do go all out-these look incredible!

  7. They all look beautiful. You are quite the perfectionist. :)

    -Mary S