Sunday, August 5, 2018

Stash Diving

 I woke up this morning with every intention of making soap but a trip into the stash/soap room changed my mind.

 I hadn't put anything away from the Tour and the room was a cluttered mess of fiber and spinning wheels.

 Instead of making soap I pulled all of the handspun bins out of the stash closet so I could add this year's skeins.

 Oy. It's ridiculous how much handspun I have. This is from the 2014 Tour.  I should never have to spin or buy another skein. Ever.

I also found bins and bins of lovely fiber I'd forgotten all about.

I should never have to buy fiber either.

 I didn't even know I had all this Bare. I could have dyed myself something interesting this year.

 I did find a couple of my first ever balls of handspun stuffed down in the fiber bins. I know some of you are just learning. This is what newbie handpsun looks like. I really mastered that thick and thin thing. Lol...

 This is what it looks like knit. I found them in the fiber bin too. They were pretty much unwearable. They are so heavy and itchy. I had to laugh. I remember being so proud when I made them. it's all back where it belongs.

 I just shut the closet doors and.......oh, wait. I still have so much more on the floor in baskets and on the shelves. Sigh. It's never ending.

 I also took a dive into the yarn stash.  I knew I had just what I needed for the pattern Kathy B sent me. Now I just need some free time.

You would think that all that handspun would scare me away from spinning but I hate an empty wheel. This is going on Ladybug as soon as I get that free minute. Right now I have soap to make.


  1. Oh my goodness! And my friends think I have a lot of yarn. I have NOTHING compared to you. Could I please shop at your stash? That handspun looks positively yummy. :-)

  2. All stirred up and repackaged makes it all new again and go for the spin! Happy soaping!

  3. While packing, I've found some forgotten yarn, too. I NEED to knit more from my stash in the coming year.

  4. Oh, my! Your yarn is just beautiful! I laughed looking at all your stash. I am in the throes of packing (and purging yet again). I have nothing in comparison to your stash. My stash is mostly fabric/quilt related with some crafts thrown in. Love seeing your projects as they progress and how you rotate them.

  5. Now you've inspired me to do a good clean on my studio!

  6. Ah, what a relief, your stash looks kinda like mine! I am waiting for a rainy day to try and get mine stash in order......