Thursday, August 9, 2018

Little Things

 Daughter went to Boston a few weeks ago and brought me back this.

 Have you ever? It's so tiny and so sweet.

 Last week she bought me this. Another little thing that is so cute. Those are pins in it. It's like a sheepy voo doo doll.

 Speaking of little things, I got the beak and comb done on Spiral Chicken yesterday. It's not much but now she has a face. Isn't she sweet?

 I am stitching these little apples on the tree of my tiny garden. This is 22 count Aida cloth and it's much smaller than I am used to. It's tedious but I've adjusted.

 Something not so little was my prize package from The Ravell'd Sleeve's Christmas in July Giveaway. I know you saw the goodies on her blog but here they are again because I am so tickled to have them.

It's all wonderful. I am not sure how anyone could part with this book but I am sure glad you did. Thanks Bridget!


  1. Your chicken is very cute and apples look juicy and beautiful!

  2. Oh my! You recieved a LOT of goodies. That little llama and sheep are the cutest things. Your daughter is definitely a keeper! :-) Your prize package looks pretty great too. That book looks mighty interesting to me.

  3. Oh, the chicken's face IS so sweet! And so is the little llama; I'm not so sure about the sheep-it's kinda creepy having pins in it! lol

  4. You won you won!!! im so happy for you. I need that pin cushion sheep . NEED NEED NEED

  5. Im rarely impulsive but i just bought that sheep for 13 bucks on amazon. LEt s name our sheeps ok? YOu first

  6. Spiral chicken looks wonderful! And I love your new llama and your voodoo sheep - both are great!

  7. I love the llama and sheep gifts, so cute. I see you have had another busy week, rest!

  8. Love that llama, and the sheep. Ok, pretty much anything unique gets my attention :) And fun socks in the prize package - wahoo!

  9. Knit the sky is a fun project. I did that for six months and made it into a cowl - my favorite winter accessory.