Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A Ha....

 Yesterday was the day I wanted to get this finished and off the loom.

 The towel is finished and safely rolled up on the bar. Right now I am just using up the leftover warp by making a little napkin sized thingy.

 I've only got a little bit left. That's the end bar inching it's way up. Soon I'll be out of room to weave. It's funny that it took me to this point to figure out how to weave this draft. When I weave I usually say the foot treadle numbers out loud to keep my place. Yesterday I discovered if I just number the sequence and call out their number I can weave faster and without losing my place. Duh. Who knew? I know this won't make any sense to anyone but weavers but there you are.

And in another a ha moment I also learned that if I move the warping board into the kitchen and put it on a lower cabinet door I can see the top when I count it off and even better-I can actually sit down while I am winding it on. Now that's a game changer.


  1. Aha indeed! Even though I’m not a weaver it made a little bit of sense even to me. I’m glad you found an easier way that will help you in your weaving.

  2. Nice to find you can make some good improvements to your techniques to smooth things along! Nice job on the weaving!!!

  3. Tips and tricks are always helpful. I'm glad you found a comfortable place for the warping board.

  4. The towel is just beautiful! Love the colors. They just say fall to me and that is my favorite time of the year. While I don't understand all the process of weaving, I love it when I can improvise and make something work better. Love seeing all your projects.