Saturday, August 25, 2018

Instant Gratification

 I didn't buy the August card kit and I didn't like the September one either so I used the money to splurge on some more pricey paints.

I saw someone raving about them on You Tube so I had to have them, of course.

What's so cool about them is that they are very "reactive". That means when you touch them in water they just explode into big splotches of color. That's my new brush. It's a #10 Escoda Rigger.

 The paints mix beautifully too and this High Chroma set is very bright. For lazy painters like me who want the paint to do all the work they are just what I need. I spent a happy afternoon putting them through their paces.

 What I liked best though was the palette when I was finished. This is the way my painting should look with all those pretty colors and interesting brushstrokes.

So I pulled some prints off of it. Now this has possibilities.

I also bought some really cheapo Jerry Q watercolors because Amazon told me to. Amazon has got my number and is now offering me watercolor deals every where I look and I can't resist. These come in a really nice plastic box and that's about the nicest thing you can say about them. If you like transparent these are for you. It took four layers just to get some color to show on my pitiful swatch.


  1. Gorgeous colors! What I know about painting could fit on a pinhead so I’ll just admire yours and not act like I know anything. Ha!!!

  2. you're really making me want to dig out my water colours...

  3. The colors are so beautiful. Amazon has my number too, although for shoes not paints.

  4. Thanks for the warning on the Jerry Q paints. Very frustrating.
    But those Chroma colors are gorgeous! Very tempting. But I'm trying to stick with one palette for a while and really learn how those colors work together.

  5. I've heard of those first paints-looks like a fun day at the palette!

  6. I'm not an artist, but you're tempting me to try someday.

  7. Amazon is so helpful that way :) Enjoy!