Friday, August 17, 2018

Color Blind

When I put this on the loom I broke my rule of always having something else being warped so the loom won't sit empty when the project on it is done. I only have a few inches to go so I had to get busy. No problem. It's still horrible outside. There's nothing to do but putter around inside. There might as well be a couple of feet of snow out there.

I really wanted an easy weave this time. The draft I'm working on has been a headache. What I had planned was too summery. I am ready for fall so I went through the stash looking for something else.

I found this. I have an easy pattern that uses a variegated yarn in places.

I had some colors I thought would work with it but now that I see them I'm not so sure. I'm going on-it's just one towel but I already have some new colors ordered that will hopefully be a better match.


  1. I like those colors. Sorry your weather still isn’t cooperating. If it’s any consolation, ours is awful but on the other end of the spectrum. :-)

  2. I've ordered M&W towel kit from Cottonclouds this week. It is so pretty!

  3. I don't weave, but I do like those colors together.

    It's been so smoky here, that I've been staying inside, too.

  4. I LOVE those colors. NO dont change them!!!!! We have even had some smoke here IN Wisconsin .....Poor Smokey the Bear this year

  5. I think those colours will work just fine.

  6. So sorry for the weather. The heat and humidity in Maryland can be overwhelming! You have my sympathy.
    That completed weaving is so beautiful. It is too lovely for a towel!

  7. Great towel on the loom now and a very pretty one on the warping board! I love those colors! Fall is only a month away!