Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Can of Worms

I finished the Saltwater table runner and  mini quilt  and now they are where they are supposed to be until summer's last gasp which I hope is not too far away now.

I don't have a piecing project in the works now so I went stash diving. All those boxes are projects to-be from when Daddio and I had the quilting factory going.

 I keep telling Cindy at Delighted Hands how much I love the quilt she's working on now. Now I know why. Daddio and I bought it ages ago. I took a look at the directions and put it back on the shelf. Yowza. I'm not ready for this one.

 I also found this one. This one might be a maybe but......

 Then I found these. I forgot all about this pile of unfinished Dresedens in Daddio's stash. He was a Dresden making machine once upon a time.

We also had a big box of 30's reproduction fabric to finish it off.

 Hmmmm......I do recall hating those red centers.

 We had run out of the yellow and green and had made do with the red.

  I found some fairly close yellow and green so it was a pretty quick fix once I reminded myself how I had done it in the first place. Now I have to figure out how to put them all together.

And then there is this. It's never ending. Like I said, Daddio was a Dresden making machine. There is not enough hours in the day.......


  1. I really like how the table runner and the mini turned out. And those Dresden’s! I love those. I’ve always been partial to that pattern and I know for you the fact that your Dad made them makes it even more special. I’m looking forward to seeing them finished. (I think you’re right about the red.) Blessings, Betsy

  2. How much fun to go to your own quilting store! lol The Starry Splendor isn't hard to piece-the cutting is a bit of a production, though!
    Love the dresdens! Have fun.

  3. How delightful to find such treasures in your stash. Replacing the red centers was a good decision. Soon you'll have the blocks sashed and the quilt top assembled.

  4. Those dresdens are gorgeous! And you mini and table runner are so cheerful!

  5. Love the mini and table runner. I hope summer makes an early exit this year. I have to admit that today is perfect weather in NC - 75 and low humidity and a slight breeze. Your stash is amazing! I think you can probably find a project to fit whatever you are in the mood to work on. Love the dresdens and look forward to seeing their progression.

  6. I too love the table funner Deb!!! Daddio is all around you. My momma's been working overtime. Im so excited my son is moving to Chicago. !!! I need to knit him some new hats in dark blue for his jacket!! He loves my slouch hats

  7. I have always loved the Dresden pattern. It is simple, yet packs a visual punch. And there is SO much you can do with it.
    Do you know the Dresden Neighborhood pattern? If not, google it. I actually bought it. It is the coolest pattern I've seen in a while. And people assure me it is easy.

  8. The table runner and mini quilt are really lovely! They make me wish I had the patience to quilt!